Home Security and Automation

An powered system provides superior security and offers advanced mobile and web features that allow you to monitor and control your home from anywhere. Unlike traditional alarm systems, our completely integrated suite of services offers a flexible, easy-to-use solution that learns and adapts to your needs.

Commercial Security

Bosch control panels provide the ultimate in security controls with the function to integrate intrusion, access control, and fire alarm monitoring. Included is the ability to control your security system with your smart phone. Arm and disarm your system, turn off and on thermostats, lights, lock and unlock your door and more and with the GV4 systems. Bosch IP Cameras allow you to check in on your place anytime.

  • Access Control Systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Networked Camera Systems

Lock and Safe

Locksmithing is the core of your facility's security. Without quality locking hardware, electronic security means nothing. Locksmithing is at the root of Brandt Security's beginnings. We can offer residential, commercial, industrial and institutional lock hardware. Also important in this field is KEY CONTROL. Brandt Security has keys and locks that can be restricted to your facility. This means that you control how many keys are made for your locks. This becomes extremely important if you own a business. You can rest assured, with a restricted key system you can give your employee a key and they cannot get more duplicated without your permission. Along with locks, Brandt Security has an offering of various keys, safes and vaults, padlocks and safety lockout products.

Data and Telecom

We provide cabling services. This includes network cabling, voice cabling, structured cabling, and fibre cabling. We provide cabling services to Small, Medium, and Large businesses. Our additional cabling services include Audio/Video Cabling, Security System Installations, Communication Room installations, Phone System Repair, PBX Maintenance, Lan Cable, Highspeed Cable, and Server Room cabling. When you are relocating, simply upgrading infrastructure or installing new cabling, think of Brandt Security.

Our team of cable specialist technicians are certified to work with all low voltage cabling types such as Data Network Cabling, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e, Cat7, Coax Cabling, Copper Cabling, Phone Cabling, Fibre Cabling, and Unified Communications installations. Our team of computer technicians can troubleshoot your IT and networking issues.